Conway’s Game of Life Latest Version APK for Android

Conway's Game of Life apk
Conway’s Game of Life apk

Intricate patterns emerge from simple rules, rendered in ever-changing colors. Conway’s Game of Life is offered by Eric Mickelsen. Last Updated: July 31, 2011. Current Version: 0.0.1

This is a live wallpaper in which every pixel represents a living cell. It’s based on the Game of Life, a cellular automaton devised by British mathematician John Horton Conway. Touch and swipe to create cells. Overcrowded and lonely cells die. Healthy cells reproduce. Interesting patterns emerge.

Latest Updates

This is just an experimental beta. Please be creative and constructive in your comments so I can make future versions better!


Conway’s Game of Life 2017

Conway’s Game of Life for Android

Download Conway’s Game of Life for Android

Download Conway’s Game of Life APK for Android

Conway’s Game of Life 0.0.1 screenshot

Conway's Game of Life screenshot 0Conway's Game of Life screenshot 1

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Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper download
Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper download

Interactive Bug Zapper Live wallpaper with sound. Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper is offered by Crazy Monkey Apps. Last Updated: July 27, 2011. Current Version: 1.2

The Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper is a beautiful country home setting with interactive elements and sound. You have the ability to change the background sky color and the bug zapper light color. Touch the moon to change to the different phases such as crescent, half, full, etc. Touch the owl and it screeches and flies away. Touch the bug zapper to turn it on or off. Clouds move in the sky and bugs fly toward the bug zapper and get zapped when the zapper is on, causing a crackling sound and making a flash.

How to install the Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper:
1. Download and install the application.
2. Touch and hold on any open space on your home screen.
3. Select “Wallpapers”
4. Select “Live Wallpapers”
5. Select “Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper”
6. Once the wallpaper loads, select “Settings” to change the options.
7. IMPORTANT: Please allow the settings to take effect before pressing “Set Wallpaper”


Latest Updates

V1.2 – Minor Bug Fixes, fixed Force Close issue.

New ** Reduced Price **


Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper 2017

Download Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper for Android

Download Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper APK for Android

Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper 1.2 screenshot

Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 0Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 1Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 2Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 3Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 4Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper screenshot 5

Bug Zapper Live Wallpaper apk video

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Neon Blue ADW Theme – Enjoy the glow!

Neon Blue ADW Theme

Enjoy the glow!

Neon Blue ADW Theme screenshot 0Neon Blue ADW Theme screenshot 1Neon Blue ADW Theme screenshot 2Neon Blue ADW Theme screenshot 3Neon Blue ADW Theme screenshot 4

For updates and more themes visit
or Add me on twitter

*ADW version of my Blue Neon Plus Theme*

-This is not a standalone theme. You MUST have ADW launcher or ADW launcher EX to use with this theme

-This theme includes 100+ Custom Icons

PLEASE EMAIL ME for any problems before giving a bad rating. thank you!

————–HOW TO USE———————-
1. Download this theme
2. Download ADW launcher or ADW EX launcher
3. Press Home button on your device and choose ADW
4. Press Menu on your device then select More then select ADWSettings
5. Select Themes Preferences
6. Select Blue Neon ADW Theme

Thank you for your support!

Please e-mail me for any concerns at
and Please leave good ratings =)

*Add me on Twitter for updates:

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Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP Latest Version APK for Android

download Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP apk
download Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP apk

Easter Sunrise Sunset Live Wallpaper. Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP is offered by ccw. Last Updated: July 25, 2011. Current Version: 1.0.1

Easter Sunrise Sunset Live Wallpaper

Uses phone location to change background with time of sunrise and sunset and stars at night.

Options include:
Twinkling stars at night can be turned off
Falling flowers can be turned off, or rate can be controlled

There is a Daylight Savings setting if your location uses Daylight Savings Time, select this option in the settings.

Happy Easter!

Note: If sunrise and sunset times are not correct, make sure coarse network location services (not GPS) is enabled unders Settings, Location

What’s New

Small bug fixed


Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP 2017

Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP for Android

Download Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP for Android

Download Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP APK for Android

Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP 1.0.1 screenshot

Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP screenshot 0Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP screenshot 1Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP screenshot 2Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP screenshot 3Easter Sunrise Sunset LWP screenshot 4

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SynErgy (CM7+) Theme Latest Version APK for Android

SynErgy (CM7+) Theme apk
SynErgy (CM7+) Theme apk

SynErgy for the Theme Engine in CM7 Roms. SynErgy (CM7+) Theme is offered by BSThemes. Last Updated: July 24, 2011. Current Version: 1.3


*****Requires TMobile’s Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod’s Roms*****

*****Requires Root*****

*****HDPI only*****


*****Free Version, We also have a Donate Version with the same Features*****

****Now wallpaper pick included*******
Must install theme chooser wallpaper app from the market to select walls

This will theme your phone with over 1800 different images, hitting all system apps and many 3rd party apps.

Including but no limited to:

Android System
Docs (google)
Face Book
FM Radio
Music (stock)
News and Weather
You Tube
and many more!

****No Icons Are themed******

*****Install Instructions*****

0. Uninstall any non market version you might have of this theme(will not apply to everyone)

1. Install the app

2. Open up the Theme chooser in your app drawer

3. Choose “SynErgy” and hit apply

4. Very important after you apply You must reboot for all changes to take effect.

****Notes about Screen Shots. They were taking using different elements of our theme.

1. Beautiful Widgets (in Market) with The Steel beast skin

2. ADWEX (in Market) with custom Synergy icons and dock (coming soon)

3. Audio Manager pro (in Market) With our Synergy Theme (search BSthemes)

****Wallpaper contributors******

@Jaithemes Thank you bro for all you do for the community

We want to thank all our testers and end users for the support they Offer.

Also Please if you feel the need download our Donate version as this theme has been months in the Making.

Thank you all! Brian, Steve, Corey, and Alex (BSThemes)

Special thanks to @Maizekidstill81 for the theme preview image

Special Thanks To Jess For her Brilliance and support



CM7 themes, CM7, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod, Linear, BSthemes, ADW, ADWEX, Theme Engine, Tmobile, T mobile, Synergy

What’s New

Support for Google+


SynErgy (CM7+) Theme 2017

SynErgy (CM7+) Theme for Android

Download SynErgy (CM7+) Theme for Android

Download SynErgy (CM7+) Theme APK for Android

SynErgy (CM7+) Theme 1.3 screenshot

SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 0SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 1SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 2SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 3SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 4SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 5SynErgy (CM7+) Theme screenshot 6

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Batik Wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

Batik Wallpaper apk
Batik Wallpaper apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Batik Wallpaper is offered by Daniel Hace. Last Updated: July 22, 2011. Current Version: 1.1

Try out my newest game:

Batik or fabrics with the traditional batik patterns are found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and Singapore.

Javanese traditional batik, especially from Yogyakarta and Surakarta, has notable meanings rooted to the Javanese conceptualization of the universe.

This application allow you to change your home wallpaper into a beautiful batik motives provided. Enjoy your beautified home screen with our wallpaper collection.

The batik picture will be updated periodically.

tag: batik, motif, motives, background


Batik Wallpaper 2017

Download Batik Wallpaper APK for Android

Batik Wallpaper 1.1 screenshot

Batik Wallpaper screenshot 0Batik Wallpaper screenshot 1

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