Fur Cakes – Gunner Latest Version APK for Android

download Fur Cakes - Gunner apk
download Fur Cakes – Gunner apk

Fur Cakes Live Wallpapers will protect your screen while kissing it clean!. Fur Cakes – Gunner is offered by Amplitude Metamedia Corp.. Last Updated: September 12, 2012. Current Version: 1.0

Fur Cakes Live Wallpapers will protect your screen while kissing it clean!

Hello, I’m the cutest and biggest puppy you will ever meet. My brothers the Bull Dog and Neapolitan Mastiff share many qualities with me. All of us have an impressive military and combat training with the Roman Legions. However, I’m the more diplomatic boy of our big family. My former background in enforcement and combat still comes in handy at times when the situation calls for it…

I decided to stay with the monks in Switzerland at the Grand Saint Bernard Hospice to help out there a little doing rescue work. My famous Granddad held the greatest title of 40 lives saved over a ten year career. It was there, in the Swiss Alps that the name took on such a revered status. Still I’m also known as the Mountain Mastiff. Taking big steps in snow takes a LOT of energy, strength and endurance — something that I have an endless abundance of. You will mostly find me outdoors where it’s cooler with lots of open space.

I actually identify and socialize more with my human friends than with other animals. I never get angry and remain stoically tranquil calm, gentle and devoted to my master and his children — whom I love to take care of.


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Download Fur Cakes – Gunner for Android

Download Fur Cakes – Gunner APK for Android

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