The Wallpaper -Free- Latest Version APK for Android

The Wallpaper -Free- download
The Wallpaper -Free- download

Image search, save images, wallpaper auto changer. The Wallpaper -Free- is offered by Sinwa Electric Corp.. Last Updated: September 30, 2012. Current Version: 1.1.1

You can get Wallpapers via internet.
You can set wallpaper easily and update wallpaper automatically.
Lite version can specify up to five images at auto changer.

Search settings
-Safe search Off, Moderate, Strict
-Image size Large, Medium, Icon, Larger than 400×300, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×760
-Exactly pixels
-Set recomend size
-Type Face, Photo, Clip art, Line drawing
-Color Any color, Black and white, Full color
-Time Any time, Past week

Auto changer settings
-Interval 1minit~24hours
-Order New->Old, Old->New, Random
-Fit Image android standard, Fit at one screen size, No clip
-Status bar Displays an icon in the status bar.
-Toast Toast when wallpaper changed


The Wallpaper -Free- 2017

The Wallpaper -Free- 1.1.1 screenshot

The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 0The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 1The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 2The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 3The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 4The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 5The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 6The Wallpaper -Free- screenshot 7

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