Bolivia flag Free lwp – Bolivian flag on the wind

Bolivia flag Free lwp

Bolivian flag on the wind

Bolivia flag Free lwp screenshot 0Bolivia flag Free lwp screenshot 1Bolivia flag Free lwp screenshot 2Bolivia flag Free lwp screenshot 3Bolivia flag Free lwp screenshot 4

NO push notifications
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus – cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.
Live wallpaper proudly presenting multinational emblem on Bolivian flag. This live wallpaper is not the right choice for the habitant of this amazing, multicultural country but for all that enjoy mega diversity in nature.
After the download you don’t need internet connection to enjoy the application. This free app is ad supported. This application will not download videos from the internet. Download once and enjoy for ever.
Application can not be moved to SD card.
Application is a live wallpaper, to access it on your phone, read your phone manual.
Application is intended for display in portrait mode, it will work in landscape mode but display may not be optimal.
Rotating the device while in preview of live wallpaper may cause application to crash.
Application does not require internet access for primary usage, however internet connection may be required to access some functions (for instance link to More free apps and similar).

Download apk file:


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