City Xperia Theme Latest Version APK for Android

City Xperia Theme apk
City Xperia Theme apk

CITY THEME. City Xperia Theme is offered by FC INC. Last Updated: December 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.0

CITY Theme for your Xperia device personalization is a nice way of. Xperia ™ is a theme developed for smartphones with high-quality visual effects. Lock screen, wallpaper, system interfaces, and includes the system colors.

CITY is a nice way Xperia Theme for your device personalization. Xperia ™ is a theme with high-quality visual effects developed for smartphones. The lock screen, wallpaper, system interfaces, and includes the system colors.


City Xperia Theme 2017

City Xperia Theme APK

Download City Xperia Theme

Download City Xperia Theme APK

City Xperia Theme for Android

Download City Xperia Theme for Android

Download City Xperia Theme APK for Android

City Xperia Theme 1.0.0 screenshot

City Xperia Theme screenshot 0City Xperia Theme screenshot 1City Xperia Theme screenshot 2City Xperia Theme screenshot 3

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Vatican Palace Wallpapers Latest Version APK for Android

Vatican Palace Wallpapers apk
Vatican Palace Wallpapers apk

Wallpapers and Themes for those who love recreation. Vatican Palace Wallpapers is offered by denisershovs. Last Updated: December 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Wallpapers Vatican Palace is one of the most interesting surrounding of our world. Thanks, our application will be revealed in front of you the whole mystery of this mysterious place and you will be able to plunge into its spiritual head. Just for you chosen the best of all the surrounding of the image, architecture, museums, places of interest and cultural events of our planet!
– High-quality HD wallpapers for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system.
Installing any favorite pictures as wallpaper on any device.
-Ability To save images in the internal or external memory card to share with friends on social networks and the Internet.
-Easy And accessible interface, setting the wallpaper in one click.
Supplement is absolutely free and does not contain any in-game purchases!
Enjoy, and put obyazatelbno rating our application!


Vatican Palace Wallpapers 2017

Vatican Palace Wallpapers 1.0 screenshot

Vatican Palace Wallpapers screenshot 0Vatican Palace Wallpapers screenshot 1Vatican Palace Wallpapers screenshot 2Vatican Palace Wallpapers screenshot 3Vatican Palace Wallpapers screenshot 4

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Ubuntu Clocks Collection Latest Version APK for Android

Ubuntu Clocks Collection download
Ubuntu Clocks Collection download

Collection of four clock widgets with Ubuntu themed and Ubuntu classic wallpaper. Ubuntu Clocks Collection is offered by ChisApps Developers. Last Updated: December 30, 2015. Current Version: Updating…

This Aplicación is a tribute to fans of Ubuntu system.

The application contains 4 clock widgets with Ubuntu themed of different colors and the classic wallpaper of Ubuntu, all this applicable to the desktop of your phone.


▪ When installing the application, 4 new widgets appear in your widget drawer, you can place this widgets on the desktop of your device from your widget drawer.

▪ To apply the Ubuntu wallapper on your launcher, in the upper right in the information screen
you can deploy the options menu and select set Ubuntu Wallpapper option.

▪ For access to alarms manager, you can click on the el widget in the launcher.


▪ This is a open source app, you can access to code in the next link and you can feel free for consult or modify this code how you like.

We hope you enjoy the app !!

For any questions or suggestions please contact us at the email address:

What’s New

Update link to GitHub


Ubuntu Clocks Collection 2017

Download Ubuntu Clocks Collection for Android

Download Ubuntu Clocks Collection APK for Android

Ubuntu Clocks Collection Updating… screenshot

Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 0Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 1Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 2Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 3Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 4Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 5Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 6Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 7Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 8Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 9Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 10Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 11Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 12Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 13Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 14Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 15Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 16Ubuntu Clocks Collection screenshot 17

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Evin – Icon Pack Latest Version APK for Android

Evin - Icon Pack apk
Evin – Icon Pack apk

BRIGHT, VIVID, CLEAN, SQUARE AND BEAUTIFUL ICON PACK WITH VIBRANT COLORS!. Evin – Icon Pack is offered by Carizmian. Last Updated: December 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.1

Evin icon pack – Initial release with over 3285+ HD icons!
Extremely detailed and attractively smooth icons look very bold and exceptionally vivid on phone and tablets!

3.285+ HD icons (192×192)
★ Lots of alternative icons to use
10 QHD unique cloud based wallpapers!
24 Supported launchers!: Nova, Apex, Action, Adw, ASUS, AdwEX, Atom, Aviate, Epic, GO, Holo, Inspire, KK, L, LG Home, Lucid, Mini, Nemus, Next, Nine, S, Smart, Solo, TSF, CM Theme Engine and many others! If your launcher is not supported in the app apply menu, try apply the icons via the launcher’s control panel.
★ Send your icons requests through icon request feature in the app
★ Premium Request feature for faster receiving your desired icon!
★ Material Dashboard
★ Icon masking
Dynamic calendar
★ Categorized list of icons
★ Search icons by name
★ FAQs within the dashboard if you want any help
Biweekly updates

If you like the icons, please support our work by rating them.

GO LAUNCHER: Does not support icon masking, go to preferences -> Icons -> UNCHECK “show icon base”
TSF LAUNCHER: Does not support icon masking!!!

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Please, if you have trouble with the app in sort of any kind, send us an email before submitting a bad review. We would solve the issue instantly.

Icons requests can be send through icon request button in the app. Note that we will add the most requested icons first.
NOTE: If you want the fastest way of getting your missing icons designed, then Premium Request feature is for you!

Bugs/issues/questions/suggestions: We are very open to help you on any occasions regarding the app. Please feel comfortable contacting us day and night 24/7!
Email us at

Thank you all for supporting our work!

v1.0.1. – 30.12.2015
Initial release with 3.285+ HD ICONS!
• New Material Design Dashboard
• Redesigned lots of icons

• Search icons functionality
• New UI
• Premium Request!

• Switch between light and dark theme

• Cloud stored wallpapers

#theme #nova #apex #icon

What’s New

v1.0.1. 30/12/2015

– Initial release with +3285 HD ICONS!

– New Material Design Dashboard

– Search icons functionality

– New UI

– Premium Request!

– Switch between light and dark theme

– Cloud stored wallpapers

Thanks a lot for the support!


Evin – Icon Pack APK

Download Evin – Icon Pack

Download Evin – Icon Pack APK

Evin – Icon Pack for Android

Download Evin – Icon Pack for Android

Download Evin – Icon Pack APK for Android

Evin – Icon Pack 1.0.1 screenshot

Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 0Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 1Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 2Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 3Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 4Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 5Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 6Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 7Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 8Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 9Evin - Icon Pack screenshot 10

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Happy New Year Zenny! – Happy New Year Zenny! Theme for ASUS Launcher & ASUS Themes

Happy New Year Zenny!

Happy New Year Zenny! Theme for ASUS Launcher & ASUS Themes

Happy New Year Zenny! screenshot 0Happy New Year Zenny! screenshot 1

Happy 2016! ASUS Zenny wishes you a happy and prosperous new year!

To keep using the Happy New Year Zenny! theme icon pack with different wallpapers, use your Launcher and follow the steps found under Tip.

If you like this theme, you can also browse and download other available ASUS Themes on Google Play.

How to apply
1. Launch Themes then locate Happy New Year Zenny! .
2. Tap Free > Install.
3. Go back to Themes, locate Happy New Year Zenny! , then tap Apply.

To change the wallpaper and keep the Happy New Year Zenny! icon pack: Open ASUS Launcher on your device, tap Wallpapers , then choose where you’d like to apply the new wallpaper.

Want to get featured?
Send us a link to your online portfolio, or drop us an email attaching your best design image files, so we can review your creations and feature you on our upcoming ASUS Theme packs.

Submissions can be sent via and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

More information
For more product information and videos, check out:

Feedbacks and suggestions
We’d love to hear from you!
You may also send us your feedbacks via:

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Colored Paper Balloons Live – Have you ever wanted to fly with a balloon? This can be a very exciting

Colored Paper Balloons Live

Have you ever wanted to fly with a balloon? This can be a very exciting

Colored Paper Balloons Live screenshot 0Colored Paper Balloons Live screenshot 1Colored Paper Balloons Live screenshot 2

Have you ever wanted to fly with a balloon? This can be a very exciting experience. The whole world under the feet. Feel the lightness of the air element. You will like it.

Add the dynamics in their lives by setting dynamic live wallpaper on the screen of their mobile device. Our excellent wallpapers in HD captures the imagination and do not leave anyone indifferent. Experience all the beauty of the screen of your phone by installing our free wallpapers. Living free wallpapers for anyone and any taste.


• Free application.
• HD graphics and Open GL.
• Compatible with all mobile devices.
• The low battery usage and resources.
• Easy and clear menu.

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5 Clocks live wallpaper – 5 live wallpapers in 1

5 Clocks live wallpaper

5 live wallpapers in 1

5 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 05 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 15 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 25 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 35 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 45 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 55 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 65 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 75 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 85 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 95 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 105 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 115 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 125 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 135 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 145 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 155 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 165 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 175 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 185 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 195 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 205 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 215 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 225 Clocks live wallpaper screenshot 23

5 Clocks live wallpaper
5 live wallpapers in 1.
clocks have rotating gears, lights, pumps, plasma and more with the option to turn on or off most parts so you can choose how you want it look.
for fans of steam punk, science fiction, technology, victorian era, space.

all clocks have the moon phase and day of the month and the option to show them or not show them

5 clock choices
– tech
– vintage
– blue space
– steampunk
– laboratory
you have 3 view choices
– fit view
– fill view
– stretch view
the option for viewports are for both landscape and portrait
this way you can choose the best fit for each screen as sometimes what does fit well in landscape does not always fit well in portrait so you have to the choice to choose each one separately, so you can get the best fit for each one.
uses opengl for better performance.

once installed long press screen and click live wallpapers.

if you have any questions or problems feel free to contact the developer through email

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