Asteroids Live Wallpaper – Asteroids Live Wallpaper HD animated pictures of outer space and huge asteroids.

Asteroids Live Wallpaper

Asteroids Live Wallpaper HD animated pictures of outer space and huge asteroids.

Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 0Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 1Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 2Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 3Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 4Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 5Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 6Asteroids Live Wallpaper screenshot 7

Go on a space journey with your new coolest Asteroids Live Wallpaper! Watch these huge celestial objects falling from the sky creating an amazing view! HD background images of huge asteroids colliding with the planet Earth will leave you breathless. You will experience a unique adventure in a galaxy far away, surrounded with millions of falling stars. These apocalyptical sights will mesmerize you and you will see how tiny we are compared to the immense outer space! This new app for Android™ and Samsung Galaxy brings wonderful shots of our Milky Way so get it right now while it’s available for free download!
– Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones
– Amazing space HD images for your screen
– Social share button and more
– Incredible HD graphics with full support for home – screen switching and landscape mode
– Motion of light and flashes changes with time
– There are several fantastic space fantasy background themes waiting for you!

– Space Fantasy Live Background fits perfectly on both tablet devices and smartphones and it fully supports horizontal orientation
– This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and it will sleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drain your battery
– Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices
– Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!

Space Fantasy Live Wallpaper takes you on a trip through amazing distant galaxies. You will enjoy these live wallpaper marvelous landscape pictures of worlds far away in other galaxies. Amazing colorful planets and bright shiny stars will decorate your smartphone screen in the most beautiful way. Stunning HD background images of picturesque universe will take your breath away and you won’t need any other live wallpaper but this! Space Fantasy LWP brings incredible sceneries from outer space to your Samsung Galaxy and Android™.
You must check it out right now and you will definitely fall in love with your best new Asteroids Live Wallpaper! You will find that the phenomenon of Asteroid showers is truly awe inspiring, especially when observed from the outer space without gravity! It is not only unique in our solar system, but in the whole galaxy Milky Way, and beyond! Get this splendid space background wallpaper which is brand new on the market, and spoil yourself with a once in a lifetime experience of breathtaking Asteroid shower which will take you places in outer space you could only imagine until now!
You will be smitten with the wonderful view of many shining stars falling across the calm night sky! Magical colors created by the immense universe will leave you speechless and you will be hooked on your new Asteroids Live Wallpaper! Watch as the rain of red hot rocks from outer space falls across various planets. Wonderful shots of planet Earth will take your breath away and you will be mesmerized with the marvelous sight of your new Asteroids Live Wallpaper. You might never get the chance to watch our planet among the falling stars form the depth of the universe, but with this space live wallpaper you will witness the rotation of planet around the Sun. You will have marvelous pictures taken from the edge of our Milky Way on the palm of your hand. Enjoy the view of many different planets orbiting in their galaxies, form perspectives you could only imagine until now! You will feel the strong gravity of those immense planets! Asteroid HD images are the perfect background wallpapers for everyone who are obsessed with the secrets of Universe!
Asteroids Live Wallpaper is now available for free download so don’t hesitate any longer and install this stunning app that will shower your phone screen with thousands of falling stars!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

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