Kitten Lock Screen Zipper – Customize your screen locker with beautiful and cute kitten pictures.

Kitten Lock Screen Zipper

Customize your screen locker with beautiful and cute kitten pictures.

Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 0Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 1Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 2Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 3Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 4Kitten Lock Screen Zipper screenshot 5

Hello everyone !

Awesome Lockscreen is a store who is trying to bring you the best lockscreens for your Adnroid phone.

Today and for our first project, we would like to present you Kitten Lock Screen Zipper.

If you like kittens and their cuteness. If you would like them to be the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. This is for you !

With this application, you can customize your screen lock with a beautiful zipper effect and, yes you guessed right, a very cute bunny picture.

Kitten Lock Screen Zipper replaces your default screen lock but your can always change it back with a button made for this purpose.

We also made a special system to allow you to see the clock and the battery level in an awesome way.

All you have to do is unzip to the bottom in order to unlock the phone’s screen.

It is simple, cute and awesome !

This app offers to you a high quality kitten images so you can enjoy your favorite pet animal on your lock screen.

We will be making more of these lock screen apps, so please tel us know whether you like it or not in order to help us improve them.

Our application can be customised giving you the choice to enable or disable the screen lock by simply selecting or deselecting a check box.

How to use this cool cat screen locker ?

Features of Kitten Lock Screen Zipper:

HD Quality images
No need to have internet connection
Notifications and Time/date are shown on your screen locker zipper
It’s Free
Enabling or disabling the screen locker is an option

Thanks for downloading our application and we hope you will enjoy Screen Lock Cute Cat !

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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