Touch Protector (Touch Block) – Lock screen while Gaming, Netflix or any app. Efficient, full-featured, simple.

Touch Protector (Touch Block)

Lock screen while Gaming, Netflix or any app. Efficient, full-featured, simple.

Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 0Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 1Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 2Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 3Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 4Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 5Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 6Touch Protector (Touch Block) screenshot 7

Touch Protector is a lightweight screen locker app that can be used as a child locker, a quick phone locker, an unintended touch blocker, and so on.

For location-based game users: By locking game with this app, you can put your phone into your pocket and walk around to hatch eggs. By darken your phone’s backlight with this app, you can save your phone’s battery and the dark screen is nice to see at night outdoor.

For Netflix and Amazon video users: Touch Protector now supports Netflix and Amazon video to keep them playing while locked. This feature “Keep Netflix / Amazon video playing” are provided only for Android 4.3 or higher devices with hardware buttons (HOME, BACK, etc.) such as Samsung, ASUS devices.

If you don’t have such devices, you can keep Netflix playing while locked by follow instructions.
1. Start movie with Netflix.
2. Lock with Touch Protector quickly while Netflix loading.
3. After loading, Netflix starts playing and the touches on the screen are blocked by Touch Protector.
Unfortunately once unlock Netflix, next locking pauses. In this case, stop Netflix and do above steps again.

For Xiaomi users: Touch Protector doesn’t work on Xiaomi devices at all according to some Xiaomi users’ reporting. If you know a case Touch Protector works well on Xiaomi devices, please let me know.

Emergency unlocking: If you can not unlock your device, try followings.
– Plug a power to your device.
– Call to your phone and touch its screen.
– Touch 5 times device’s screen to show other unlocking means.
– Login Google Play with your PC browser and uninstall this app from your deivce via Google Play.

Lockframe Custom design expects JPEG, PNG or 9-patched PNG format. If you encounter an error such as “Can’t get bitmap metadata,” try to install the Google photos and select the Google photos as a photo picker after touch + icon at the custom design screen.

★ Have you ever been in trouble when you let children watch YouTube? Once you lock screen with this app, all touches on screen are disabled and YouTube will continue to play. Hardware (physical) buttons can be disabled also.

★ Have you ever been careful not to touch the screen while watching memos, maps or etc.? Once you lock screen with this app, you can hold your phone tightly, put your phone in your pocket.

★ Have you ever wanted very quick locking and unlocking way? This app allows you lock your phone quickly by shaking it, putting it into your pocket or lower your hand with a phone. To do this, turn on the “Shake locking”, the “Proximity sensor locking” or the “Upside down locking” feature.

See detail information and download apk file:


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