Compass Latest Version APK for Android

Compass download
Compass download

Stunning Old Fashion design for an advanced Compass app. Compass is offered by ⭐ Live Wallpapers HD ⭐. Last Updated: November 11, 2016. Current Version: 1.01

The Compass app that you will love is here!
Compass Live Wallpaper shows the direction in degrees in “side window”, including north, south, east and west, has rotating bezel for advanced compass navigation. Compass Live Wallpaper app is just like a traditional compass to have always in your pocket.
Compass Live Wallpaper for Android is the very essential app that every Android user should have installed. The outstanding precision of Compass Live Wallpaper makes it the most precise compass app on Google Play. It can be used for the navigation on unknown territories, when you get lost or on camping trips. It can even save your life one day!
You can use Compass Live Wallpaper just like a real compass. Apart from showing degrees and north, south, east and west the “Compass app for Android” have a very stunning design in an old fashion context. The rotating bezel will help you achieve a professional navigation. Besides that, you can set the compass as a live wallpaper to have it always on your home screen. This elegant and old fashion design will surely give a nice look to your screen.

Features of Compass Free Live Wallpaper app:
– Real compass with an old fashion design
– Heading angle in degrees
– Magnetic strength in micro Tesla (uT) (You can use it to detect metals)
– Large numbers and large rotating bezel
– Comes as a “Free compass app for android”
– Live wallpaper studied to match perfectly on tablets 7’, 10’ and smart phones
– Use of OpenGL 2.0 for smoother animations
– Usable for the calculation of “true north”.

So start using Compass Live Wallpaper now not only for navigation but also as a metal detector or just as an original and useful decoration for your home screen. We can assure you that you will not find a better designed or precise Compass app that this one.
Don’t forget to stay away from magnetic field interference when using the app. These interferences on the magnetic field could come from metals nearby you or by other magnetic materials. Remember that it is so sensible to the metals that it can be used as a metal detector app!
Thanks for downloading this app and happy navigation!
*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.


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Compass for Android

Download Compass for Android

Download Compass APK for Android

Compass 1.01 screenshot

Compass screenshot 0Compass screenshot 1Compass screenshot 2Compass screenshot 3Compass screenshot 4Compass screenshot 5Compass screenshot 6Compass screenshot 7Compass screenshot 8Compass screenshot 9Compass screenshot 10Compass screenshot 11Compass screenshot 12Compass screenshot 13Compass screenshot 14Compass screenshot 15Compass screenshot 16Compass screenshot 17Compass screenshot 18Compass screenshot 19Compass screenshot 20Compass screenshot 21Compass screenshot 22Compass screenshot 23

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