Nougat for Zooper – Nougat – Sweet, Tasty and Gummy!

Nougat for Zooper

Nougat – Sweet, Tasty and Gummy!

Nougat for Zooper screenshot 0Nougat for Zooper screenshot 1Nougat for Zooper screenshot 2Nougat for Zooper screenshot 3Nougat for Zooper screenshot 4Nougat for Zooper screenshot 5Nougat for Zooper screenshot 6Nougat for Zooper screenshot 7Nougat for Zooper screenshot 8Nougat for Zooper screenshot 9Nougat for Zooper screenshot 10Nougat for Zooper screenshot 11Nougat for Zooper screenshot 12Nougat for Zooper screenshot 13Nougat for Zooper screenshot 14Nougat for Zooper screenshot 15Nougat for Zooper screenshot 16Nougat for Zooper screenshot 17Nougat for Zooper screenshot 18Nougat for Zooper screenshot 19

!Important!: To use this widgets You have Zooper widget Pro installed!
All widgets were created and adapted for 5 x 6, 5 x 7 grid size and resolution 1440 x 2560 or above and English language. If you have lower screen resolution, please watch this video to resize them:

If you have any problems contact me on Hangout or Email, I’ll be happy to help you!

– Material Design Dashboard App!
– 100+ Beautiful Widgets in Material Design!
– 50+ Amazing Walls in High Resolution!
– Muzei Support!

How to apply widget
Method 1:

– Download Nougat
– Tap on “Assets”
– Choose “Zooper Pro”
– Install Zooper Pro from Play Store

Method 2:

– Download and install Zooper Widget Pro 2.38 or above
– Download and install Nougat
– Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen
– When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Nougat
– Select the widget you want to add

If the widget is not right sized use the scaling percentage in the Zooper option to apply correctly the widget that you like.

All widgets are supposed to be working in english, so please if you notice that there are mistakes with your own language, select force english from Zooper Settings.

Special Thanks:
– For amazing walls – Nick Nice (, Thom Freitas (;
– For amazing Weather Icon Set – Naman Rastogi (
– Big Huge thanks for helping with coding the App – Sean β€œBeasto” Miller (
– All my G+ followers for support, help and suggestions. Without you this couldn’t happen!
– To my Wife for support and understanding! ❀

Download apk file:


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