Magic butterfly live wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

download Magic butterfly live wallpaper apk
download Magic butterfly live wallpaper apk

Lovely live wallpaper with magical fiery butterfly. Magic butterfly live wallpaper is offered by Firamo. Last Updated: November 24, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

Butterfly created from fire is burning on a dark background.
It seems that the butterfly is made of pure gold.
The flame is moving continuously in all directions.
Surprisingly bright butterfly blows the mind!
It looks as a real magician.
Dance of fire bewitches!
The fiery show can be watched infinitely!
Don’t waste time – set this tremendous free live wallpaper!
Please yourself and surrounding with memorable bright image!

Such bright butterflies can leave indifferent nobody.
They bewitch with their beauty!
Butterflies are the most ancient insects.
In ancient times people were admired and afraid with butterflies, as well as all everything mysterious and undiscovered.
Unusual life cycle of a butterfly provoked to mystification and idolization of this creature.
Butterfly is a symbol of soul, immortality, revival, ability to transformations as this winged heavenly being is born from a caterpillar.
The butterfly is considered as a symbol of the Great Goddess.
This Supreme god has represented at the same time the sky and the earth, life and death.
Birds and flying insects were associated with the Great Goddess.
At one nation the butterfly is a harbinger of happiness, pleasure, love.
For example, in China this winged being designates longevity, pleasure and beauty.
Others consider that the flitting insect is a soul of the died man, the embodiment of demons and witches.
People foretell weather on behavior of butterflies.
There are signs connected with butterflies.
If butterflies fly over a person– that it to a good news and happiness.
Butterflies at a wedding were considered as a wish to the bride to comprehend female wisdom.
Butterflies are unusual creatures.
Each species possess inexplicable abilities.
Butterflies are truly charming and inspiring!

Enjoy this lovely free live wallpaper!

Please mind that the actual speed of animation depends on your device characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPU frequency and number of cores; RAM size).

Select animation speed by your own discretion:
– enter “Live wallpaper” menu and select installed wallpaper;
– enter submenu with settings;
– tap “Animation speed” entry and make your choice;
– press “Back” button and then “Set wallpaper” (“Apply”).
If you are not satisfied – please repeat the above steps and select another speed value.

Pay attention: antivirus may falsely detect threats (some antivirus programs regard possible appearance of advertising as malware).


Magic butterfly live wallpaper 2017

Download Magic butterfly live wallpaper

Download Magic butterfly live wallpaper APK

Magic butterfly live wallpaper for Android

Download Magic butterfly live wallpaper for Android

Download Magic butterfly live wallpaper APK for Android

Magic butterfly live wallpaper 2.1 screenshot

Magic butterfly live wallpaper screenshot 0Magic butterfly live wallpaper screenshot 1Magic butterfly live wallpaper screenshot 2

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