Electro 3D Livewallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

Electro 3D Livewallpaper download
Electro 3D Livewallpaper download

Awesome shapes and bright color make Live Wallpaper look great on your device. Electro 3D Livewallpaper is offered by Jike Inc.. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.4

Electro 3D Live Wallpaper is a custom built live wallpaper, with 100% unique graphics! This Live Wallpaper will not drain your battery.


1. Open the Live Wallpaper
2. Tap the “Set live wallpaper” button
3. Tap the “Set wallpaper” button to apply or tap the “Settings” button to customize your Live Wallpaper

Awesome shapes and bright color make our new Live Wallpaper look great on your device. Try it and you will be amazed. DOWNLOAD NOW Electro 3D Live Wallpaper and have fun.


Custom built and native coded, this live wallpaper is optimized for very low battery usage! you will get the most fluid, most battery-optimized experience for your phone.

* INTERACTIVE/Touch the screen!
By touching the screen, you will generate a ripple effect. Try swiping left and right to create awesome looking waves!

* CUSTOMIZABLE/Change the effects!
You can increase the size, speed or density of the elements, as well as select three different color effects and three different color intensities. To customize it, open the app, click on “Set Live Wallpaper” and then click on “Settings”

* HD GRAPHICS/Unique design!
The design of this live wallpaper is 100% unique, created by our team of artists. You will not see any similar design in any other live wallpaper!

We have tested this live wallpaper on a multitude of Android phones. If you have any problems using it, please send us an email and we will assist you right away!
If you like this live wallpaper, make sure you rate and comment! It’s the only way to support our continued development of live wallpapers!

What’s New

Bug Fixed

Performance Improved


Electro 3D Livewallpaper 2017

Electro 3D Livewallpaper APK

Download Electro 3D Livewallpaper

Download Electro 3D Livewallpaper APK

Electro 3D Livewallpaper for Android

Download Electro 3D Livewallpaper for Android

Download Electro 3D Livewallpaper APK for Android

Electro 3D Livewallpaper 1.4 screenshot

Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 0Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 1Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 2Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 3Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 4Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 5Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 6Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 7Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 8Electro 3D Livewallpaper screenshot 9

See detail information: https://goo.gl/sA1ugP

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