Bells And Whistles Ringtones – All the bells and whistles you need!

Bells And Whistles Ringtones

All the bells and whistles you need!

Bells And Whistles Ringtones screenshot 0Bells And Whistles Ringtones screenshot 1Bells And Whistles Ringtones screenshot 2Bells And Whistles Ringtones screenshot 3

If you are tired of the standard ringtones and notification sounds, then this free application is right for you. Easily distinguish your device and have it stand out from the rest. Unlike similar apps, these sounds and ringtones are loud and clear and do not cut off right in the middle.

Bells and Whistles Ringtones brings 45 free ringtones and sounds to your Android™ device. You can use this application as a sound board to make loud bell or whistle sounds for amusement. Simply press the instrument-themed button to preview the loud and clear ringtone or sound. Press and hold (long press) each button for the ringtone and notification features. You can personalize the default ringtone, the ringtone for a specific contact, the notification (email and text) sound and the alarm sound.

This easy-to-use application will make you want to personalize your Android™ device again and again, depending upon your moods, the seasons, the holidays, etc… Use the icon button at the top of the screen to check out our other free ringtone apps (millions of downloads to date) to help you personalize your Android™ device even more. Best of all, its free!

Bells and Whistles features:
* 45 loud and clear, bell or whistle ringtones or sounds
* 45 bell or whistle themed animated buttons
* Press and hold to set default ringtone, the ringtone to a specific contact, the notification sound, or the alarm sound
* Icon button to access the other JRJ Unlimited ringtone applications to personalize your phone even more
* Free

According to some of the many users, some of the most popular sounds are:
Tinkling Song
Electronica Bell
Cash Register
Bomb Whistle
Boxing Bell

Any and all permissions are either for application performance or advertiser performance. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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