Rugo – Icon Pack Latest Version APK for Android

Rugo - Icon Pack download
Rugo – Icon Pack download

Dirty looking colorful icons on a crumple paper back. Rugo – Icon Pack is offered by GSeth. Last Updated: November 27, 2016. Current Version: 4.0

Rugo is a full theme / icon pack for various launchers. These icons are inspired by my most popular icon pack called Ruggy.

The Rugo icons are extremely detailed at 192×192 resolution having a crumple paper and dirt effect all over it. A dark shadow gives an popup look to the overall icon back. Since each icon is different the details like icon colors, dust and crumples have been manually added to ensure that the grunge effect does not compromise the visibility and readability of the icons.

All the wallpapers contained in this icon pack are made from scratch and are specifically designed to go with these Grungy style icons. The nature wallpapers are photographed by myself.


Full Features:

• Dashboard application for easy launcher apply actions
• Cloud based 63 Wallpapers to match the icons. All walls are around 2-4mb in size. Please be patient while it downloads and applies.
• 3490+ HD Rugo Icons.
• Multiple icon backs and icon upon effects. This ensures that icons which are not themed also get the dirt and crumple effects.
• Biweekly / Monthly Updates for Icon Request.


Compatible Launchers

• Nova, Apex, ADW, Action, Go, Smart, Solo, Aviate, KK, Nine, Holo, Lucid
• Next (classic mode only)
• TSF Shell (icons only)
• Unicorn


Contact Me


Latest Updates

Version 4.0

– 27 new icons (total now 3490+)

– App ID Fixes

– Wall apply now also applies to lock screen

– Added support for 3 new launchers

– Bug Fixes


Rugo – Icon Pack APK

Download Rugo – Icon Pack

Download Rugo – Icon Pack APK

Rugo – Icon Pack for Android

Download Rugo – Icon Pack for Android

Download Rugo – Icon Pack APK for Android

Rugo – Icon Pack 4.0 screenshot

Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 0Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 1Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 2Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 3Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 4Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 5Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 6Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 7Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 8Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 9Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 10Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 11Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 12Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 13Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 14Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 15Rugo - Icon Pack screenshot 16

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