Wallpapers HD Plus – HD Wallpapers every days

Wallpapers HD Plus

HD Wallpapers every days

Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 0Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 1Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 2Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 3Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 4Wallpapers HD Plus screenshot 5

Wallpapers HD Plus in this app with wonderful images.
be different new wallpapers every day. all background are high quality and high definition images.
Wallpapers HD Plus: The inside app you can see image type gallery or list item for easy to use it.

– Add filter Portrait view.
– Add portrait view.
– Improve set wallpaper.
– Improve image quality when cropping.
– Add shuffle photo.
– Add menu app suggested.
– Add crop photo.
– Support vertical photo.
– Recent Wallpapers.
– Popular Wallpapers.
– Search Wallpapers.
– Search by category.
– Add new category.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/jbX6n6


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