Dolphins live wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

Dolphins live wallpaper download
Dolphins live wallpaper download

Lovely live wallpaper with dolphins swimming in the sea. Dolphins live wallpaper is offered by Firamo. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

Do you find dolphins one of the most adorable and cute animals on the Earth?
If so – download astonishing live wallpaper with four cute dolphins, swimming and jumping in the sea.
When you need a rest just look at these nice animals jumping from the water.
It will bring a smile to your face!
This free live wallpaper is so calming and relaxing!
Four dolphins jumping out of the water will help you to find inner peace.
The sky is so lovely that it will make you cheerful as soon as you look at the screen.
Charming dolphins will make you adore them!
With «Dolphins» free live wallpapers you can escape into the breathtaking nature.
These highly intelligent and social mammals are swimming in the crystal clear water and jumping high in the air.
A feeling of serenity will overwhelm you as soon as you start gazing at the marvelous sight of jumping dolphins.
Go far from land and get the impression of what is like to be living in the sea.
Imagine how you swim with the dolphins and become unbelievable happy!
The joyful feeling will last during the whole day.
Nice scenery will remind you how wonderful life is and you will get the urge to go outside.
Do not miss this great opportunity to beautify your mobile phone with «Dolphins» live wallpaper for free!
Download «Jumping dolphins», set this free live wallpaper and start enjoying it right now!

Dolphins are incredibly smart and friendly, they have a cheerful nature and they are very charming animals.
With an ulterior motive these water mammals have deserved such respect.
The word “dolphin” can be interpreted as “baby”. Perhaps, such name is caused by external similarity to the baby or because shout of a dolphin is similar to shout of the child.
Dolphins have weak sense of smell, but absolutely unique hearing.
Making powerful sound impulses, they are capable to echolocation that allows to be guided perfectly in water.
Dolphins are capable to give and recognize names.
Communication with dolphins positively influences a human body, especially children’s mentality.
A dolphin has twice more crinkles in a cerebral cortex than a man.
Dolphins not only have a lexicon to 14000 sound signals which allows them to communicate among themselves, but also have consciousness, social consciousness and emotional sympathy – readiness to help newborns and patients, pushing out them on a water surface.
Dolphins are famous for the playful behavior and the fact that just for fun they can start up air bubbles under water.
In a pack dolphins form very close ties.
Dolphins look after sick, wounded and elderly relatives.
Dolphins can rise over water by height to 6 meters when jump out of water.

Enjoy this lovely free live wallpaper!

Please mind that the actual speed of animation depends on your device characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPU frequency and number of cores; RAM size).

Select animation speed by your own discretion:
– enter “Live wallpaper” menu and select installed wallpaper;
– enter submenu with settings;
– tap “Animation speed” entry and make your choice;
– press “Back” button and then “Set wallpaper” (“Apply”).
If you are not satisfied – please repeat the above steps and select another speed value.

Pay attention: antivirus may falsely detect threats (some antivirus programs regard possible appearance of advertising as malware).


Dolphins live wallpaper 2017

Download Dolphins live wallpaper for Android

Download Dolphins live wallpaper APK for Android

Dolphins live wallpaper 2.1 screenshot

Dolphins live wallpaper screenshot 0Dolphins live wallpaper screenshot 1Dolphins live wallpaper screenshot 2

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