Notification Station for KLWP – Themes for Kustom Live Wallpaper that display notifications and more!

Notification Station for KLWP

Themes for Kustom Live Wallpaper that display notifications and more!

Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 0Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 1Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 2Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 3Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 4Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 5Notification Station for KLWP screenshot 6

Are your fingers tired of swiping down the notification panel at the top of the screen? No more! With Notification Station, your notifications are where they should be, right at home! Notification Station is a theme for Kustom Live Wallpaper. You must have the pro version of KLWP in order for Notification Station to work.

WARNING: This is not an independent application. It is a theme for Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro

ADVERTENCIA: Esta no es una aplicación independiente. Es un tema para Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro

AVERTISSEMENT: Ce n’est pas une application indépendante. C’est un thème pour Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro

ATTENZIONE: Questo non è un programma indipendente. Si tratta di un tema per Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro


-Gorgeous clock

-Music player

-Day of the week highlighted


-Weather condition and temperature

-Redesigned cell and wifi signal indicator (shows type of signal or WiFi name)

-Battery percentage

-Up to 4 notifications displayed at a time. Click the “x” to dismiss them.

-6 variations for the notification background, dark and light themes, material or iOS inspired.

-Unlock animations

-Replace background through KLWP to anything you want

-Tweak any settings or visuals to your liking

-copy and paste any part you like into your own KLWP theme


1. Download KLWP and KLWP Pro (not free)

2. Download Notification Station for KLWP

3. Open KLWP

4. Open menu on top-left, press load preset

5. Press the “installed” tab and select the preset you like

6. Press the save icon

7. Set KLWP as your wallpaper

8. DONE!

-You will need to adjust the application shortcuts (on the far right at the root level in KLWP) to the applications that you use.

-You can get just the notification station as a widget for KWGT here .

Enjoy! Please leave any feedback in your reviews or send an email. I’ll be listening. Thanks!

If you have trouble getting the theme to work please email me instead of just leaving a 1 star review saying it won’t work. I can’t help you if I don’t know what the problem is.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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