Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher Latest Version APK for Android

Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher download
Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher download

The smartest way to convert a smartphone in a simple phone for senior & all. Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher is offered by DuckMa Srl. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.10.6

Phonotto, homescreen replacement and easy phone launcher for non tech-addicted people, senior people, elderly, seniors, kids, and for all.

Phonotto is one of the best launchers for android!

Still in love with your feature phone?
Tired of all the bells and whistles that come complete in today’s phones?
Hi-res cameras, speedy processors and cool apps just aren’t your thing?

Whatever the case may be for you ( or perhaps your kids, parents or grandparents ), Phonotto is a wonderful breath of fresh air, it allows you to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS, manage your contacts, make photos and video, use your daily apps and so on…

Phonotto keeps things very simple, with no complication at all, studied for all kind of people.

The interface features a chunky simple design with large big buttons for easy phoning, texting and why not? Also make Photos and Videos and use your daily apps!

Phonotto Senior Phone Home Launcher is available in English, Français, العربية, Magyar, हिंदी, Italiano, Español, עברית, русский, Português, Türk, 中国

➤ Large home screen optimised for seniors, elderly people and people with bad sight
➤ Big buttons and large fonts for all the basic functions of the phone – telephone, SMS, MMS
➤ Quick dial buttons to make direct calls to most important numbers
➤ Call in a simple way with the embedded Dialer and the incoming / outcoming screen feature
➤ Access to the phonebook and manage your contacts easily
➤ Manage your photos and video with the simplified dedicated interface
➤ Personalize your home screen and get access to your favorite apps
➤ Easy unlock the home screen with the locker screen replacement
➤ Use the talkback with the integrated Text to speech features
➤ Use Phonotto as your default home launcher or home screen replacement, it automatically starts on boot
➤ After the installation, no internet connection required

Elder people (seniors people) are certainly considering buying touch screen devices because their kids and grand kids talk about them all the time.
They are just scared of that type of phone because the interface is too complex and they still have a feature phone in their pockets.

Not by Phonotto users! Because Phonotto is:

All the features are big and are in the right place, you can use your phone in the simplest way, no confusion and no complication at all

We have used all the space to create the most readable, big and intuitive layout with an easy interface

Suitable for seniors and for kids. You can reach all the function in only three touch and of course it allow you to set preferences in order to achieve an efficient personalisation

Configure your smartphone in an easy way with just few steps:
– Install the app;
– Set Phonotto as default home launcher;
– Select Phonotto as the default SMS provider;
– Add the accessibility settings for access the system notifications;
– Personalize all the features in the preference section;
– Use your phone in the way you prefer!

Phonotto, the smartest way to convert a cheap smartphone in a simple phone for seniors and for all.

We love to hear feedback from our users (we are open to listen for new features, customisations, themes, apps)

Support is offered by

What’s New

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[What’s new]

– Fixed some issues


Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher 2017

Download Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher

Download Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher APK

Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher for Android

Download Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher for Android

Download Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher APK for Android

Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher 1.10.6 screenshot

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Phonotto Simple Phone Launcher apk video

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