Snow Live Wallpaper HD – Enchanting winter scenes and snowbound landscapes for your screen!

Snow Live Wallpaper HD

Enchanting winter scenes and snowbound landscapes for your screen!

Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 0Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 1Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 2Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 3Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 4Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 5Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 6Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 7Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 8Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 9Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 10Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 11Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 12Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 13Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 14Snow Live Wallpaper HD screenshot 15

❄ “Winter is coming!” Prepare for the enchanting “winter season” with one of the most beautiful “snow live wallpapers” on the market! Download Snow Live Wallpaper HD, a collection of ten “winter backgrounds” and find yourself in the midst of a winter wonderland – completely free on your screen! You won’t need a “snow day calculator” or a snow report to know about weather conditions – because many tiny white snowflakes will dance on your screen whenever you want them to! Choose your favorite “live wallpaper free winter” and embellish your screen with enchanting “winter scenes” and “snow pictures”! Christmas Eve is near – prepare for the “winter holidays” with these “snow backgrounds”! Walk through the “winter snow” in your new snow boots – let this “winter live wallpaper” be your guide through the magical snow paradise all the way to the “silent night”! Download the best collection of winter images and snow pictures and “let it snow” on your phone and tablet!

❄ Main features:
❄ Animated snow and snowflakes on your screen!
❄ Select the speed and density of “falling snow”!
❄ Choose from ten different “snow wallpapers”!
❄ New wallpapers are added daily!
❄ “Snow Live Wallpaper HD” will not drain your battery, because it will sleep when the phone is inactive!
❄ If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card!
❄ Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers!
❄ “Winter wallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free!

❄ “Do you want to build a snowman”, but you are too frozen to go outside and feel the cold weather? Do not worry, Snow Live Wallpaper HD brings you all the magic of the winter season, without you being cold or wet! Choose your favorite from ten “winter images” – be it a winter park, some of the most popular snow resorts or Frosty the Snowman, you won’t be disappointed! All the joy of the winter vacation will be right there, on the screen of your phone and tablet! If you are searching for “snowfall real live wallpapers” and “winter photos”, you are in luck! Download these mesmerizing “snow pictures” and never again will you be bored with your default wallpapers and backgrounds! The question “will it snow for Christmas” has been answered with these winter night live wallpapers! Share your winter dreams with your loved ones – make a snow globe on your screen and enjoy all the beauty of the holiday season!

❄ Jingle bells are coming, Santa Claus is preparing his sleigh to bring you the best Christmas gift – Snow Live Wallpaper HD 2016! Sing your favorite winter song as you watch tiny snowflakes falling from the sky! Your phone and tablet will become your own snow machine, and everybody will envy your new frozen screen! What is winter without some snow or ice, so why wouldn’t you hurry to the market and download the best collection of winter snow wallpapers! Make a snowstorm for free on your desktop, let the cute snowflakes dance on your phone and tablet! If you have dreamed of a “white Christmas”, you can make it happen even if it is not snowing outside – just download this free snow wallpaper for Android™ and let a bunch of snow flakes make a snow show on your screen! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

See more information and download apk file for android:


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