Dingless – Notification Sounds – Turn your mobile into a smarter phone. Reduce annoying sound notifications.

Dingless - Notification Sounds

Turn your mobile into a smarter phone. Reduce annoying sound notifications.

Dingless - Notification Sounds screenshot 0Dingless - Notification Sounds screenshot 1


1) Dingless eliminates notification sound alerts while using your smartphone. Uhh.. Who needs them anyway? Alerts will be restored automatically once the screen is switched off.

2) Pre-set time lapses between two successive notification sound while you are away from your smartphone.
a) If you have a rush of notification sound within a certain time frame, only one alert will be played.
b) Control how often you need to be notified when smartphone is being charged or nearby. Pre-set time is defined in app settings.


For Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber, notification sound are great to draw your attention when you are away from your phone, but are they really useful when you are already looking at your screen? Moreover, have you ever been tired of receiving multiple notification sound in a short timespan? This might get particularly annoying for yourself and your surroundings. Dingless is a simple application that runs in the background and offers you the solution to these problems.

With Dingless there is no need to silence your phone anymore, or totally switch off notification sound in order to avoid annoying alerts coming from your chatting application like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber. Be discrete, Go Dingless!

***Works best with***
Facebook Messenger

Dingless wishes you a Merry Christmas .
Now Listen to your favorite Christmas music and Christmas songs without any notification sounds interruptions.
Christmas this year is special with Dingless.
What are you waiting for? Share Dingless with your family and friends and let the Christmas gahtering be as Merry and Holy as possible with less notification sounds annoyance.

This Christmas , Dingless bells – Dingless all the way

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/4tGXqf


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