Touch Lock – Toddler Video – Easy to lock screen or disable touch screen while watching YouTube or Netflix

Touch Lock - Toddler Video

Easy to lock screen or disable touch screen while watching YouTube or Netflix

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Over 1.5 Million downloads from 168 countries, Touch Lock(Kids Lock) is an app that allows you to lock the touch screen during video playback and Let your kids always focus on Video or Photo , such as watch YouTube,Hulu,Netflix ,PBS KIDS and Storybook

★100% blocked physical button and soft keys (HOME, BACK, and RECENT and MENU button)
★Baby TV lock, it mean you baby can watching infant or baby’s TV while never pausing from baby finger (look like Kids Phone).
★Your children safety for watching Peppa Pig, Wheels on the Bus , ABC Song and Five Little Ducks.
★Quickly Play feature , let you go fast to watch YouTube history and favorite videos.
★Some users want to use this app with Netflix and this video shows you how to do it:
★Guided Access , many people say is look like Kids Mode、Child Mode and Baby Mode.
★More recommended videos such as animals, cartoons, and education.
★Block your touch screen when you play ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber game.
★Toddler Lock delivers family and kid-friendly videos from YouTube.
★The best kids phone(baby on phone) you can safely hand over to your kids’ grubby paws
★Just a second , let your cellphone switch to Kids Phone or Baby Phone
★Parental controls & kids place that protects your personal data and restricts kids to watch video you have approved
★Lock volume.
★Touch Disable is best parent tool app on Google Play Store.
★Youtube for kids can’t accidentally stop videos

Features of Touch Lock – (Toddler Lock,Touch Disable,Prevent touch)

The first Android app can help you prevent your video (YouTube) and storybook from kid’s scrape. Kidscrape is your *MUST HAVE* Android app which do care your experience when you’re exploring by mobile device.

► Turn off my touch screen while my baby is playing with my phone on a game.
► Protect your mobile data when kids are using your Android phone&tablet (kids cell phone).
► Keep your kids more concentrate on the video.
► See a movie without interruption.

► Support locks all physical buttons including HOME,RECENTS,BACK,MENU buttons
Must to enable new permission and don’t worry we never read about personal information , such as observe text you type .(we’re promised!)

►How to lock screen or disable screen while watching youtube?
►kids mode for youtube? my daughter keeps accidentally doing the video lock screen to play videos

►How to lock screen while watching Netflix?
Step1. Select the video you wish to play, and stay at the video detail page.
Step2. Don’t play the video yet! enable Touch Lock(Touch Blocker – Touch Disable – Prevent touch) from notification centre first.
Step3. Wait until timer count down to “1”, then press “play”.

►How about a Video Locker(Child Video Screen Locker)?
Sometime you want to watch video keep without pausing video such as Netflix or YouTube and you can one step to keep touchscreen disabled

►Other information
We can’t lock the power button now, because this is define by Android Developer Policy

► Mi Phone/Pad (Xiaomi)
Step1. please go to settings and tap the Installed apps .
Step2. find the Touch Lock app and enable the “turn on floating windows” , now you can see the Touch Lock notification on your mi pad

Thanks for your feedback and could you try to re-enable again , because we know can’t locked impact on some app.

►Soft key on my phone won’t lock
1. Go system setting
2. Find Accessibility and tap it
3. Find Touch Lock and tap it
4. Please re-off and re-on again
5. Exist system setting and try to lock your screen again

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