X Launcher – Make your Android phone look like iPhone!

X Launcher

Make your Android phone look like iPhone!

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Make your Android phone look like iPhone! “X Launcher” is an elaborate, smooth and beautiful launcher which makes it feel like your phone become different. UI is clear and intuitive so that it can be used without any instructions. Easy to use, lightweight and smooth.
Are your bored with your phone interface? “X Launcher” will make it different! The clean UI, fast and smooth operation, customizable theme, lightweight and easy-to-use features make it a perfect generation launcher and your best choice. No hesitate to download this super cute Launcher Now!

The best Launcher Theme Prank for iFan, OS 8, OS 9.
X Launcher is an easy-to-use, no-frills launcher for Android. we believe Simple is Beautiful. Our Launcher do not hog your precious memory resources, nor do we use up your CPU cycles. We just give you a highly-optimized, better-than stock Android Home Screen replacement with a clean and polished interface.

The best Launcher for Phone 7 Plus is now available for free download. This Launcher “Launcher for iPhone 7” will make your Android phone or tablet look like original iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Launcher for iPhone 7 plus is a very cool Quad HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones. The power and memory efficiency of this application makes it more cooler than other launcher application. This application consumes no battery and increase mobile idle time.

The brand new X Launcher is now on Android and it’s free. Click on your phone/tablet main menu on home screen to select various themes.
Are you bored with Android’s user interface? Want to try a new style?
X Launcher is an excellent app for you to experience the iPhone phone UI on your Android devices. X Launcher will make your Android phone look like iPhone 6.
X Launcher theme contains more then dozens of wallpapers which you can use for your backgrounds.

X Launcher is a powerful home screen launcher, which will let you experience the super speedy and smooth operation. Everything is new. Customize everything beyond imagination with X Launcher theme.

X Launcher is a simple, easy-to-use, no-frills, lightweight OS style launcher. Unlike other launchers which are complex and have lots of useless functions, X Launcher only gives you the most useful functions, so it will take up less memory resources and cpu cycles, and it will make your phone more power and fast. And we will give you a highly-optimized and customized home screen experience for your android device.

X Launcher is a great custom launcher for your android gadgets. It has clean UI, slik design, lightweight, customizable themes and the best 8 style launcher out there… and the best features – no-frills, Ad-FREE, no pop-up ads & the app itself is FREE.
Newest and fastest version of custom launcher. The launcher is lightweight and you won’t notice any lags while the launcher is running in the background. Not like any other launchers that throws you with useless features and over fancied graphics . X Launcher gives you only the necessary functions and customizations while keeping the launcher simple.

X Launcher is the most stunningly beautiful launcher in the store yet. It has some colourful icons and seamless animations. The launcher looks and feels so simple and easy to use.

Fancy Os10 has just been released? Do you want this new phone6s? We bring you the OS9 Phone6s launcher. X Launcher is an excellent launcher app for you to experience the Phone style of OS10. It will make your android phone look like iphone6s. With this X Launcher OS10, we transfer the personal layout of your android phone like Phone6s launcher layout. Make your friend surprise with the new desktop of your phone look like metro Phone style.

The OS10 theme of iPhone 6s has been a revolution of designing. You can experience almost all functionality of iphone 6s launcher now on Android.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/0EqxpC


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