Marine Aquarium 3.3 – The World’s Top selling tropical aquarium. Available on Win/Mac/iOS and Android.

Marine Aquarium 3.3

The World’s Top selling tropical aquarium. Available on Win/Mac/iOS and Android.

Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 0Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 1Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 2Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 3Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 4Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 5Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 6Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 7Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 8Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 9Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 10Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 11Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 12Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 13Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 14Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 15Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 16Marine Aquarium 3.3 screenshot 17

You’re in for a treat:

– Photo realistic. Millions of people agree the award-winning Marine Aquarium is simply the best.
– Genuine hyper-realistic 3D rendered fish, together with A.I.
– Over two dozen of the most popular tropical fish are masterfully crafted and available to choose from.
– Featuring a Zebra Moray Eel and everyone’s favorite, an adorable starfish.
– Turn on the hand-sculpted crystal display and pick from your choice of analog clock, digital clock, and calendar.
– Relaxing aerated bubbles with sound can be added with the flick of a switch.
– Set panning speed to enjoy the entire vista of your fish tank.

NEW FEATURES (version 3.3)

– NEW HIDDEN FEATURE: Tap and Hold to reveal the Wire Frame structure and see how the magic is created.
– Tap anywhere to access new settings screen.
– Slide or Pinch to view the whole tank.
– Set the Marine Aquarium as your Android’s Daydream (Marine Aquarium can be set to automatically start when c-charging).


– The free version offers 100% of the features with no Ads. Hard to believe? Download it now to make sure you are 100% satisfied that Marine Aquarium does everything you expect.
– After several days we’ll gently remind you that real humans made this, and for just $3.01 we will use this money to continue our work.
– Why three dollars and one penny you ask? We feel that our product is a little better than everything else out there. We hope you agree.


– Google’s Android 5.0 (and higher) Daydream bug may cause apps to display a blank screen after auto-lock engages.


Current version 3.3
Requires Android 4.0 and up.
In-app products Upgrade to Paid version.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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