PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock – Screen & App Lock with peep proof patented PIN Pad.

PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock

Screen & App Lock with peep proof patented PIN Pad.

PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 0PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 1PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 2PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 3PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 4PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 5PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 6PIN Genie-Screenlock & Applock screenshot 7

Pin Genie-Screenlock & Applock is the first peep proof screen & app lock on Google Play. The magic PIN Genie PIN Pad makes sure NO ONE able to see your pin even though they are watching!

The patent-pending PIN pad protects your mobile PIN with only 4 buttons. Each button includes 3 numbers and all numbers reshuffle after each time of use.

What makes it even more secure? The Intruder Selfie function can catch selfie of intruders immediately and alert you by email.

–New Feature!–
AppLock – Lock any apps in your phone!
App Lock can lock and protect apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messager, Browser, Bank apps or any other apps of your choice, making it more than a screen lock! Feel safe to pass your phone to friends and family without worrying about certain apps being accessed!

AppLock Intruder Selfie (Premium Feature)
– Take a photo of the intruder who entered the wrong password
– Catch the snooper immediately and notify you by email

Key Features!
Screen Lock
Secure your screen with the magic peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN pad.

Lock and protect any apps with the patent-pending PIN pad.

Intruder Selfie
While intruder failed to enter the correct pin code (customized for up to 3 times), this app will take a photo of the intruder‘s face without being noticed and send it to your registered email.

Free HD Wallpapers and themes – different cool and up to date styles.

Weather Report
Real time Weather information on lock screen.

Hidden Features
More cool and hidden features waiting for you to explore!

Option to disable phone for 30 seconds after 3 incorrect PIN entries.

Handy Toolbox
Quick access to flashlight, recent apps, calculator etc.

Multiple Unlock Options
Options to choose PIN Genie PIN pad, traditional PIN pad, and pattern PIN pad or fingerprint on Samsung Smart Phones.

Support Multi Languages
Supports English, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

It’s FREE! Download NOW and stay away from wandering eyes around you.

Permissions Required
• Contacts & SMS: Display calls & messages
• Camera: Shortcut to snap photos
• Album: Customize your wallpapers
• GPS & Wifi status: Deliver local weather information
• Notifications: Show notifications on lock screen
• Usage Access: Ensure the app works smoothly


How to use the magic PIN Pad?
Following the steps to set password as 1234
1. Press any button with the number ‘1’
2. Press any button with the number ‘2’
3. Follow the same step to find out ‘3’ and ‘4’
4. Please be noted if any number of your password appears on two or more buttons, you can press any of them, or if any button has two or three numbers of your password combination, you can press the same button.

What should I do if I forget my password?

1. By security answer
Tap the security question icon on the lockscreen and enter your security answer to unlock;

2. By security email
Check your registered email and find out the email we have sent to you with the password you set;

3. Email us
Please send us email at with your registered email address so that we can send to you in case you don’t find the password in your email.

How big is the apk package?
The PIN Genie Locker is designed for a small apk package that makes it easier and faster to install and update.




If you have any enquiry or feedback, please contact us at:

Download apk file:


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