Christmas Garlands and Santa – A festive Christmas watch face with two different styles – Garland and Santa.

Christmas Garlands and Santa

A festive Christmas watch face with two different styles – Garland and Santa.

Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 0Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 1Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 2Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 3Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 4Christmas Garlands and Santa screenshot 5

Christmas is coming! And you can wear a part of it on your wrist!
Two different styles are included in this watch face.
1. Christmas garlands, which festively glow on your hand. They present a comfort of holidays from the very second of contemplation. Christmas watch face has cool flashing garland animation and look really cute and nice.

Main features:

– Flashing garland animation.
– Day mode with stylish background;
– Night mode – clean and simple, only time and garland.
– Ambient mode support.
– Optional 12 and 24 hours display style.

2. Santa’s Stuck.Santa who probably gained redundant weight because of the whole year of laziness. and who cannot get through the chimney as fast as before. But still we hope that he will present all the presents in time.

Main Features:

– Digital Mode
– Animated falling Snow
– Optional 12 and 24 hours display style
– Ambient mode support.

This watch face will be installed automatically from your phone paired.
If it doesn’t show up please go to the Android Wear App > Settings and Resync all apps.
Once installed, you can select the Aviator Watch Face from the Android Wear App or directly on your watch. Very easy!

Samsung Gear, Samsung Gear S, Samsung Gear S2 is not supported! Please, for Samsung smartwatches based on Tizen follow the link:

This watch face looks great on round, square, and flat tire devices.
List of supported Android Wear watches:
✔ ASUS ZenWatch 1;
✔ ASUS ZenWatch 2;
✔ Moto 360 Sport;
✔ Motorola 360 1st gen;
✔ Motorola 360 2nd gen;
✔ LG G Watch;
✔ LG G Watch R;
✔ LG G Watch Urbane;
✔ LG G Watch Urbane 2;
✔ Samsung Gear Live;
✔ Sony Smartwatch 3;
✔ Casio WSD-F10;
✔ Fossil Q Founder;
✔ Huawei Watch;
✔ TAG Heuer Connected.


Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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