Iphone Lock Screen – Iphone lock screen for android like IOS9 lock screen. Notification supported!

Iphone Lock Screen

Iphone lock screen for android like IOS9 lock screen. Notification supported!

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Want an iPhone Lock Screen on your android device..?? Yes, this is the best iPhone Lock Screen application for android. You will get the cool iOS 9 lock screen to make your device look more stylish.

Meanwhile, the application is downloading take a look at the cool features of the iPhone Lock Screen application

Cool Features:

– Super cool iOS 9 lock screens for your android
– Works on most of the android phones
– Fully Customizable lock screen
– Password protection facility available
– A lot of screens to select from
– You can set your own personalized image from gallery
– Very small size application

When you open the application there you will see a few settings which will allow you to customize the locker of your android phone. You will get a very easy user interface that will help you to customize the application.

With the main options you can activate and deactivate the iOS 9 lock screen. You can turn it on whenever you need and again can turn it off from here. You can get the notifications right on your lock screen in the similar way that is available in the iPhone locker.

You can access the notifications from your lock screen itself and do not have to go on your home screen and then pull down the status bar. Once you activate the iPhone lock screen, you will find that at the center bottom of your lock screen you will have access to a menu.

You can control a lot of things over here, like the torch functionality, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, settings, brightness and a lot more. This will make it easy to get all the things accessed right from your lock screen without any hassle.

The app features a lot of other varieties of the lock screen similar to that of the iOS 9 locker. You can select any one out of them under the option ‘Change Lock Screen’. You can also set a pin here, which is asked every time you unlock your phone and this will increase the privacy of your phone. You can activate and deactivate the pin protection with the security options in the app.

For further more customization you can select various fonts, time format, wallpaper, unlock text and a lot more to make your android unlock screen look smarter and cool like the iPhone lock screen!

What are you waiting for..? Download the best iPhone Lock Screen application for android and make your device look cool.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/mSiyr6


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