Notification Lockscreen OS 10 – Displays rich notifications on your existing lock screen !

Notification Lockscreen OS 10

Displays rich notifications on your existing lock screen !

Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 0Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 1Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 2Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 3Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 4Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 5Notification Lockscreen OS 10 screenshot 6

Notification Lockscreen OS 10 displays rich notifications on your existing lock screen and shows heads-up notifications over any app you are using, just like on OS 10 ( Phone 7 ) with much more features!

Display new notifications on your lock screen 10 in a clean minimalist list (similar to Phone 7 notification center). Instantly view the full text of new messages you received while the phone was locked. Notification lockscreen 10 Customize content and appearance. Options to wake screen ON, or read messages aloud.

Cool Features:
* OS 10 design
* Notification Lockscreen supports SMS/MMS or any app notifications
* Wallpaper HD for lock screen
* Widget version compatible with Android 7 ( nougat ) lockscreens
* Compatible with all messaging application ( goSms , imessenger … )
* Option to wake screen after receiving a new SMS or Email
* Smooth animations when adding notifications
* Fast response and low-power
* Smart control and music control
* Display time and weather on lockscreen
* Raise to wake screen on
* Wake to unlock display screen on

Other functionality
– Enable/Disable Lock Sound.
– Enable/Disable Lock Vibration.
– Choose the different time format.

You can access the notifications from your OS10 lock screen itself and do not have to go on your home screen and then pull down the status bar. Once you activate the Phone 7 lock screen notification, you will find that at the center bottom of your lock screen you will have access to a menu.

For further more customization you can select various fonts, time format, wallpaper, unlock text and a lot more to make your android unlock screen look smarter and cool like the Phone 7 lock screen!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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