Crocodile Live Wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

download Crocodile Live Wallpaper apk
download Crocodile Live Wallpaper apk

Crocodile Live Wallpaper – stunning HD background pictures of scary crocodile. Crocodile Live Wallpaper is offered by Dynamic Live Wallpapers. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

Crocodile Live Wallpaper is a brand new animal background app with breathtaking HD images of these terrifying aquatic tetrapod! These dangerous animals are truly stunning and interesting; mostly for their skin that makes a perfect decoration for your smartphone screen! Go on an adventure through the wilderness of Africa, Asia, America and Australia! Sail down the Nile and enjoy the magnificent view of these wild animals in their natural habitat! And don’t be scared, they aren’t dangerous when you use them as wallpaper background! Don’t hesitate and download this cool app right now, for free!
– Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones
– Amazing Crocodile HD images for your screen
– Social share button and more
– Incredible HD graphics with full support for home – screen switching and landscape mode
– Motion of light and flashes changes with time
– There are several amazing animal background themes waiting for you!

– Crocodile Live Background fits perfectly on both tablet devices and smartphones and it fully supports horizontal orientation
– This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and it will sleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drain your battery
– Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices
– Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!

Crocodile Live Wallpaper brings the amazing and exotic wildlife to your smartphone! You will love stunning HD background pictures of this dangerous wild animal species. Explore the rich flora and fauna of tropical forests, prairies and steeps with this wonderful new animal live wallpaper! Download it right now, for free and get the most beautiful animal print for your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy! Watch wild animals roaming through among the trees and bushes, prairies and steppes. Go for a walk among breathtaking dark green trees through wonderful rainforest and jungle.
If you take pleasure in the sight of vast prairies, dense jungle and huge rivers, Crocodile Live Wallpaper is the perfect app for your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy phone. Visit some of the warmest parts of the world where this unique wild animal resides. HD background pictures of dangerous crocodiles and alligators will decorate your phone screen in an unusual way! Many different colors give you a chance to choose the shade that suits you the most – green, blue, red, yellow or purple. Wonderful mixed colors of this amazing animal’s skin will make a perfect background wallpaper so download it right now, completely free of charge!
Crocodile Live Wallpaper will bring a colorful and exotic experience to your Android™ or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This amazing new app will take you to natural habitat of various wild animal species where you will have the chance to hear their powerful roars and howls. Walk among tall green trees and lianas; watch beautiful exotic flowers and various wild animals as you step into the wild with your new amazing Crocodile Live Wallpaper. This stunning app is perfect for everyone who loves animals. Wonderful Crocodile backgrounds will take you away from everyday worries and give you a unique experience of wildlife and complete freedom. You don’t have to go on a safari to see all of these amazing wild animal species! All you should do is download this fantastic animal app right now, completely free of charge!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.


Crocodile Live Wallpaper 2017

Crocodile Live Wallpaper APK

Download Crocodile Live Wallpaper

Download Crocodile Live Wallpaper APK

Crocodile Live Wallpaper for Android

Download Crocodile Live Wallpaper for Android

Download Crocodile Live Wallpaper APK for Android

Crocodile Live Wallpaper 2.1 screenshot

Crocodile Live Wallpaper screenshot 0Crocodile Live Wallpaper screenshot 1Crocodile Live Wallpaper screenshot 2Crocodile Live Wallpaper screenshot 3Crocodile Live Wallpaper screenshot 4

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