Fancy Locker – Fancy Locker (Quick Camera)

Fancy Locker

Fancy Locker (Quick Camera)

Fancy Locker screenshot 0Fancy Locker screenshot 1Fancy Locker screenshot 2Fancy Locker screenshot 3

★The Features :
– Push Wallpaper
Fancy Locker give you a nice wallpaper every day which we believe it can attract your attention. You can choose your own wallpaper / photos from album too.

– Privacy Protection :
Fancy Locker give you the dual protection, pin and pattern passwords gestures together.

– Quick Camera :
Long press the screen and then you access your camera without unlocking it.

– Performance :
Lightweighted, less batery ussage, fast operation, smoothly DIY process.

★Tips / Notes :
[When it is locked] Our suggestion is turn off the lock screen system on your phone to avoid unlock it twice
[Important] Please make Fancy Locker to be trusted application, so the fancy locker can operate normally and fluently.
For XiaoMi and HuaWei mobile phone users, must turn on the Float Windows function to use Fancy Locker.

If there’s any problem or suggestion please contact us at :
Email :

Download apk file for android:


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