Grand Launcher Demo Latest Version APK for Android

Grand Launcher Demo apk
Grand Launcher Demo apk

Fast, easy, functional launcher for seniors and others. Grand Launcher Demo is offered by CUPLESOFT. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

“Grand Launcher” app amending any smartphone in a simple, fast and useful mobile phone. The application is designed especially for seniors who have problems with smartphones.

“Grand Launcher” may also be useful for people with low vision and for people with disabilities.

Main features:

1. Big fonts and buttons
2. Built-in contacts
3. Innovative and fast search contacts
4. Built-in SMS
5. The keyboard with letters of the alphabet in order
6. Built-in photo gallery and camera
7. Intuitive screen lock
8. Silent mode
9. Flashlight
10. The battery level indicator and signal strength
11. Phone number, date and time on the main screen

All features from full version are available for 7 days.

After 7 days Demo version has these limitations:

1. Sending of SMS is disabled
2. Only 1 item from history of calls is visible
3. Taking of picture is disabled
4. Flashlight is disabled
5. Silent mode is disabled

Supported langs: deutsch, english, español, français, italiano, polski, português, русский

What’s New

v. 2.0.17

* New langs: italiano, português

v. 2.0.16

* Bugs fixes

v 2.0.15

* New user interface

* Bugs fixes


Grand Launcher Demo 2017

Download Grand Launcher Demo

Download Grand Launcher Demo APK

Grand Launcher Demo for Android

Download Grand Launcher Demo for Android

Download Grand Launcher Demo APK for Android

Grand Launcher Demo 2.0 screenshot

Grand Launcher Demo screenshot 0Grand Launcher Demo screenshot 1Grand Launcher Demo screenshot 2Grand Launcher Demo screenshot 3Grand Launcher Demo screenshot 4

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