Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver Latest Version APK for Android

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver download
Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver download

The best minimalist launcher that save battery power and boost mobile for you. Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver is offered by AECO. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.1

Power+ Launcher is a minimalist launcher that reduce battery power consumption to the extreme. This launcher will close unnecessary apps and processes in background to make your phone faster and extend battery time by 50%.

We make your phone Power-Saving
Power+ Launcher is a highly optimized Android battery saver. Intelligently this smart launcher detect, analyze the running apps and close the unnecessary ones. Through in-depth memory boost, it can effectively save battery power and extend stand-by time by 50%.

We make your phone Fast as Ever
This simple launcher can greatly improve phone performance, even those with slow processor and low memory space (RAM). In one tap, it can close unnecessary apps that consume battery power in background to make phone faster by 50%.

We can help you Hibernate Apps
Power+ Launcher can help manage and hibernate apps to prevent them from auto-start therefore effectively save battery power and boost mobile phone.

We can help you Search Whatever You Want
Get instant results to your searches within seconds, including apps, contacts, files, documents, music, videos, websites, etc. In-app search is supported.

We make your phone More Organized
Smartly sort apps into categories based on functionality. Keep home-screen clean and organized.

We can help you Never Miss Important Phone Calls and Messages
This launcher provides unread count badges for nearly all apps including message, phone call, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver 2017

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver 1.0.1 screenshot

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 0Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 1Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 2Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 3Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 4Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 5Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 6Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver screenshot 7

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