Kansai Cats Sticky Note – You'll get Cat sticky note widgets.

Kansai Cats Sticky Note

You'll get Cat sticky note widgets.

Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 0Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 1Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 2Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 3Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 4Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 5Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 6Kansai Cats Sticky Note screenshot 7

“Game and Sticky Note Widget”
This is a memo pad widget of “Kansai Cats”

Please tap on the widget, and you can write memo on it. Please use it like sticky, post-it, or note-pad. You’ll find it a tool with full of entertainment. It will surely advance productivity when used for your job.

This application is a widget for your home screen and you can enjoy personalization of it. Keep pressing the home screen till an additional menu of widgets appears. Pick out “Kansai Cats Sticky Note” from a list of widgets.

Let’s play GACHA [Capsule Toys]. You’ll get “Cute Cats Japanese Kansai Words” sticky note widgets. “Cute Cats Japanese Kansai Words” is Japanese famous character.

*LINE – Stickers are subject to fees.

Official Website

Official Twitter


See more information: https://goo.gl/sFpcyi


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