Music Live wallpaper – Music live wallpaper with floating music item with sound effect.

Music Live wallpaper

Music live wallpaper with floating music item with sound effect.

Music Live wallpaper screenshot 0Music Live wallpaper screenshot 1Music Live wallpaper screenshot 2Music Live wallpaper screenshot 3Music Live wallpaper screenshot 4Music Live wallpaper screenshot 5Music Live wallpaper screenshot 6Music Live wallpaper screenshot 7

Feel the beat, right on your android home screen!
Show your love for music with one of these wallpapers.
Music Live Wallpaper: Music icon with sound effect
Music Live Wallpaper is a scenery live wallpaper featuring an elegant sparkling music icon and star element, ready to share the music
A perfect wallpaper for music lover.

-Select custom background
-Select music theme based floating items.
-Select touch sounds for floating items..
-Select background form gallery.

Feel the power of music even when it doesn’t play! With “Music Live Wallpaper” free app for Android™ phones and tablet devices you will feel the beat in your heart wherever you are and whatever you do. Let the music images follow you and inspire you every day.
This is a fantastic music wallpaper collection that will beautify your home screen. If the music is a part of your life, this melody background images will help you listen to the music of your heart and feel good. Each music theme wallpaper background is inspired by the most beautiful instruments and different music genres. Choose the best wallpapers with pictures of music notes, music instruments, loudspeakers, headphones or microphones, an all other things associated with your favorite melodies.
If you don’t believe that music has some magical influences on your body, you are wrong. Music has the ability to repair brain damage, boost your immune system as well as return lost memories. Just remember how many times when you hear some song you remind yourself of some past times and beautiful moments in your life. Now all the future moments in your life can be good because you have music live wallpapers to follow you on your way.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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