Articon – Icon Pack – Give your screen a colorful, artistic and very unique look with Articon !

Articon - Icon Pack

Give your screen a colorful, artistic and very unique look with Articon !

Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 0Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 1Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 2Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 3Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 4Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 5Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 6Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 7Articon - Icon Pack screenshot 8

Articon is an artistic, cartoony, rare and unique icon pack that promises to make your screen looks pretty, colorful and very appealing. There are many combinations to choose from. Play around until you find the best fit for you.


– Over 2000 themed icons.
– 38 Cloud Wallpapers.
– Many alternatives icons to fit your desired style.
– Muzei support.
– Dynamic calendar support for Google, Samsung, Boxer, Asus, Sunrise and every stock calendar. More in the future.
– Multi launcher support.
– 15+ New individual apps themed + Alternatives (if requested) in every next update.
– Icon request tool.


– Don’t use black or very dark wallpapers because it will hide the 3D-ish (Shadow) effect, therefore the icons won’t look as beautiful.


Instead of rating the app poorly why not send me an email complaining about what icons does not fit well and can be done better. I will listen and answer as fast as i can and implement the changes for the next update. I hope you enjoy this icons.

For any other issues just email or circle me on Google Plus.

For refunds email me or hangout me.

See detail information and download apk file:


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