Earth Time Lapse Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

Earth Time Lapse Mobile download
Earth Time Lapse Mobile download

The most detailed interactive 3D Earth Live Wallpaper. Fly where you want!. Earth Time Lapse Mobile is offered by 3DM Live Wallpapers. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.3

The most detailed interactive 3D Earth Live Wallpaper in store. Ultra high resolution textures (You can see even lakes, rivers, starting rockets NASA, SpaceX, FKA).

Space is not empty so you can meet other satellites, ISS, space shuttle or lost astronauts 😉

IMPORTANT! Earth app will download big textures (when you see 3DM logo) so please give the app some time to finish (depend on speed of your WI-FI).

Earth Time Lapse Mobile is a Next-Gen 3D Live Wallpaper with view of detailed 3D Earth simulation based on footage made from ISS International Space Station.

Launch your private satellite into space to stream Earth Time Lapse view on your mobile device. Control the satellite to fly where you want or stay in an interesting place to look closer. You can choose from Time Lapse or Globe camera mode and look around by gyroscope.

3D Earth is an interactive world map where you can tap on land to highlight countries, borders and names to know where you are or choose from 177 countries to fly on demand by hitting one button.

But you are not alone in space. Fly together with ISS International Space Station, Space Orbiter, other satellites and more… On land you can find NASA, SpaceX, FKA mini space rocket launches.

Earth Time Lapse Mobile is a powerful 3D Live Wallpaper with detailed 3D Earth system which include:

/ 8K & 4K Earth resolution
For Hi & Low End devices

/ Free satellite control
Swipe to fly, pinch to zoom

/ World map
Tap to highlight 177 countries, borders, cities

/ Fly on demand
Tap to fly to selected country

/ Gyroscope activity
To look around

/ View camera mode
Time lapse or Globe + 9 angles

/ Earth day and night system
Set earth rotation speed

/ Dynamic atmosphere & aurora borealis
Colorful nature show

/ Advanced clouds & storms
Deep clouds which generated storms

/ Other flying objects
ISS International Space Station, Space Orbiter and other satellites

/ For Space fans
Mini Rocket Launches (NASA, SpaceX, FKA)

/ & more + updates

/ No Ads & No purchase in app

/Battery drain?
App has Frame Per Sec. limit and works only when visible on screen to keep battery live.

/Why the app is so huge?
The Earth is huge. We used 8K and 4K ultra high resolution images for high world details.

Earth Time Lapse Mobile works best on Hi End devices but you can always adjust app performance in settings for Low End devices.

Problems with this app?

You see half earth?
Change in app menu Performance on Optimized. (Galaxy S4, S5, more?)

App stops on Loading screen? New Marshmallow 6.X block access for storage.
Set the app’s permissions via:
1. Settings > Apps > DomiNations > Permissions
2. There are three individual permissions Contacts, Phone, and Storage.
3. Allow Storage permission.
(HTC Nexus 9, Huawei Nexus 6p, Xperia Z5, more?)

OnePlus One: Sometimes slow down? > Change device battery options on Performance.

Want to help?
Please rate this app! That will push us to create more Live Wallpapers.
Comment/Like/Share/Join for more.

Credits: Milkyway photograph (as used in the app and shown on screenshots) by ESO / S. Bunier is licensed under CC BY 3.0
3D Earth not use any of NASA, ISS International Space Station, SpaceX, FKA private materials.

Check more 3DM Live Wallpapers.


What’s New

– Fixed minor glitch

– Improved Earth shader

– Improved performance

– Added a bit more particles


Earth Time Lapse Mobile 2017

Earth Time Lapse Mobile APK

Download Earth Time Lapse Mobile

Download Earth Time Lapse Mobile APK

Earth Time Lapse Mobile for Android

Download Earth Time Lapse Mobile for Android

Download Earth Time Lapse Mobile APK for Android

Earth Time Lapse Mobile 1.2.3 screenshot

Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 0Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 1Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 2Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 3Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 4Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 5Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 6Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 7Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 8Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 9Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 10Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 11Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 12Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 13Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 14Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 15Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 16Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 17Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 18Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 19Earth Time Lapse Mobile screenshot 20

Earth Time Lapse Mobile apk video

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