minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 Latest Version APK for Android

minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 download
minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 download

* pro / full version of the theme** compatible with cm12/13 theme engine. minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 is offered by eurochild_dps. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 6.1

Minimal Material
Keeping it close to stock with light interface, dark system ui, frameworks and controls.


What’s themed:

System stuff
boot animation / navigation bar / settings / system ui / framework / keyboard / fonts / phone / contacts / gallery / messaging / cm dialer / cm updater / euphoria ota center / audiofx / eleven music app / theme manager
Google Apps
google+ / playstore / gmail / keep / google keyboard / hangouts / youtube / play music / drive / messenger / maps / translate / books / movies / slides/ sheets / docs /
3d Party Apps
supersu / es file explorer / whatsapp / fb messenger / greenify / instagram / dropbox / twitter / facebook / viber / pushbullet / cpuspy (xda) / adaway / dirty unicorns rom apps / titanium backup / screener /

* Always reboot your system when the theme gets updated

More to come.. stay tuned!

Latest Updates


– Google PlayStore updates

– misc theme improvements and color fixes


minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 2017

Download minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 APK for Android

minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 6.1 screenshot

minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 0minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 1minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 2minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 3minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 4minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 5minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 6minimaterial theme cmte 12/13 screenshot 7

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Nature Wallpaper Latest Version APK for Android

Nature Wallpaper apk
Nature Wallpaper apk

The collection of nature wallpapers for mobile. Nature Wallpaper is offered by doflamingo. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.6

Nature Wallpaper is 100% FREE app that help you download nature wallpapers to your mobile.

This app is a super collection of photos in HD quality about nature backgrounds. Personalize your homescreen/lockscreen with the nature pictures and make your Android device more interesting.
Every photo is perfect and awesome !
Benefits of Nature Wallpaper free:
• Fast downloading speed.
• Easy to browse photos and set as background in any android device.
• It’s completely free.
• All wallpapers are HD and compatible with the most of devices
• You can share the app with your friends
• Once you download pictures on your SD card, then internet connection is no longer required to use it again

Have fun with Nature Wallpaper !

Latest Updates

***** Version 1.2.5 ******

– Fix Force close bug when load more images

– Change UX design more beautuful

– Loading wallpapers smoothly

***** Version 1.0.1 ******

– Update UX follow Material Design

– Permission request issues on Android M

– Loading wallpapers more quickly and smoothly

– Fix bug wrong wallpapers when click download

***** Version 1.0.9 ******

– Add Share image function

– Fix some minor bugs

– Add zoom image function

– Fix OOM error when loading large images


Nature Wallpaper 2017

Download Nature Wallpaper APK for Android

Nature Wallpaper 1.2.6 screenshot

Nature Wallpaper screenshot 0Nature Wallpaper screenshot 1Nature Wallpaper screenshot 2Nature Wallpaper screenshot 3Nature Wallpaper screenshot 4Nature Wallpaper screenshot 5

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Golden Theme Latest Version APK for Android

Golden Theme download
Golden Theme download

This theme contain 500+ gold icons + wallpapers. Golden Theme is offered by Percy291. Last Updated: December 05, 2016

How to use:

– open the application
– choose and install launcher
– open the application again
– use the installed launcher
– select wallpaper

* Supported Launcher:

– GO
– KK
– L
– S


– please try different launcher for the best appearance

– Thank you for sharing this theme

Latest Updates


– optimized


Golden Theme APK

Download Golden Theme

Download Golden Theme APK

Golden Theme for Android

Download Golden Theme for Android

Download Golden Theme APK for Android

Golden Theme screenshot

Golden Theme screenshot 0Golden Theme screenshot 1Golden Theme screenshot 2Golden Theme screenshot 3Golden Theme screenshot 4Golden Theme screenshot 5Golden Theme screenshot 6Golden Theme screenshot 7Golden Theme screenshot 8Golden Theme screenshot 9Golden Theme screenshot 10

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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G4 QHD Wallpapers Latest Version APK for Android

G4 QHD Wallpapers apk
G4 QHD Wallpapers apk

Wallpaper about G4 for you, it is QHD, FullHD and HD. G4 QHD Wallpapers is offered by Code&M Studio. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.7

Start your day with a G4 photo material! 🙂

— Features —
* View lots of photos/wallpapers
* Set image as wallpaper
* Save/View photos
* Share photos (email, facebook, twitter, MMS)
* Receive notifications when new wallpapers are uploaded (can be switched off in settings)

Put “Set Wallpaper” to set wallpaper.
– Different categories
– To exchange pictures
– Slideshow
– Easy to use
– New wallpaper
– Update new wallpaper
– Tablet support

What’s New

– Fix Bugs

– Add new UI


G4 QHD Wallpapers 2017

Download G4 QHD Wallpapers APK for Android

G4 QHD Wallpapers 1.7 screenshot

G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 0G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 1G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 2G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 3G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 4G4 QHD Wallpapers screenshot 5

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藝術簽名專業版 Latest Version APK for Android

download 藝術簽名專業版 apk
download 藝術簽名專業版 apk

Chic signature customization specialist. 藝術簽名專業版 is offered by emoji. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 4.6.1

Tailored just for you perfect signature president of business sign, sign aesthetic impression, grass bookmarks, mad initialed a sign, personalized sign …… various signature style everything. Full support by the Chinese Art Signature Design Association, the famous designer design manual signature; make your own unique signature unique qualities, gently point, immediately began to design it ~ ~
[Signature] Custom
* China Association of Art Signature Design handwritten designer design.
* Numerous artists, signature selecting the CEO.
* Priority time the design is complete; VIP service.
* Tailor; if necessary, modify the heart.
* HD tutorial, slow mirror resolve; to facilitate your learning.
[Signature] Expert
* China Association of Art Signature Design handwritten expert design.
* Line design experts, 12 hours to complete the design
* Impression sign, sign, president, mood sign, sign pride, elegant sign, the English sign …… there is always a right for you.
* HD video tutorials chose freely, no longer hesitant price.
[Signature] Free
* Professional fonts synthesis science and technology; enjoy different experiences.
* Real strokes signature image copying exercises.

What’s New





藝術簽名專業版 2017

Download 藝術簽名專業版 for Android

Download 藝術簽名專業版 APK for Android

藝術簽名專業版 4.6.1 screenshot

藝術簽名專業版 screenshot 0藝術簽名專業版 screenshot 1藝術簽名專業版 screenshot 2藝術簽名專業版 screenshot 3

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DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 – Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.


Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.

DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 0DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 1DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 2DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 3DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 4DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 5DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 6DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 screenshot 7

### [tut] how to fix systemUI FC’s

TO EVERYONE WHO GOT SYSTEM UI – FC – Here you ll know how to fix it in under 2 minutes without losing any personal data!!!

Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.

Starting as a little modification, mainly created for the custom rom “BlissPop”, this theme has grown up to a stand-alone CM12 theme, usable for every kind of device running CyanogenMod 12.

This theme is the overhauled version of my well-known cm12 theme “DEEP DARKNESS //” – it comes with compatibility to the newest custom-rom commits and features and let the original style of “DEEP DARKNESS //” shine in a new polished way! – To be able to stay on the old style of DEEP DARKNESS // I decided to create this makeover as a stand-alone variant instead of updating the original theme.

This theme got severall different color-schemes included. You need to download Arcus to be able to build these variants.

♦ Download Arcus:

IF INSTALL FAILS, please check this:

CyanogenMod 12/13 theme engine is required to use this theme.

Metadata ID for Arcus: 105739351821425192942

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Aquarium Live Wallpaper – Beautiful fish tank backgrounds with colorful fishes will decorate the screen!

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Beautiful fish tank backgrounds with colorful fishes will decorate the screen!

Aquarium Live Wallpaper screenshot 0Aquarium Live Wallpaper screenshot 1Aquarium Live Wallpaper screenshot 2Aquarium Live Wallpaper screenshot 3Aquarium Live Wallpaper screenshot 4

Are you truly fascinated with fishes? Have you ever wanted to have aquarium? Now you can have an aquarium and watch fishes all the time. It’s peaceful and relaxing. Download “Aquarium Live Wallpaper” and different colorful fishes will swim across your screen. Amazing saltwater fish, tropical fish, anemone, angelfish, clownfish, lionfish or seahorse are ready to decorate your screen.

Getting “aquarium wallpaper” may be a great way to relax! Download ✸Aquarium Live Wallpaper✸ and enjoy in peaceful and calm atmosphere.Gorgeous aquarium and “fish wallpaper” will be a beautiful addition to your screen that attracts a lot of attention. Beautiful fishes that look attractive due their body colors and feathers will be great decoration for Android™ phone.

Watch activities of fishes and other aquatic lives anytime you want. Have your own marine aquarium and let pretty fish images make you happy. This highly entertaining accessory allows you to enjoy in “Aquarium screensaver”. The aquarium “live wallpaper” will increase the aesthetic appeal of you phone. Download ✸Aquarium Live Wallpaper✸ and add freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium to your screen.

If you want to increase the beauty of your screen it’s simple and easy, just get “fish pictures” and see all types of fishes. Get ✸Aquarium Live Wallpaper✸ the best 3D aquarium backgrounds! Pretty archer fish, arowana fish, barb fish, cichlid fish, brackish water fish, butterfly fish, catfish or betta fish are types of fishes you can see on your background.

If you want to have little gold fish in a small fish bowl on your screen just download aquarium wallpapers! Colorful fishes will swim up and down and you will see black fish, blue fish, red fish, yellow fish, green fish, pink fish, white fish or orange fish on phone screen.

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

Download apk file for android: