Broken Screen Live Wallpaper – Check out the coolest smartphone app on the market,Broken Screen Live Wallpaper!

Broken Screen Live Wallpaper

Check out the coolest smartphone app on the market,Broken Screen Live Wallpaper!

Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 0Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 1Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 2Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 3Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 4Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 5Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 6Broken Screen Live Wallpaper screenshot 7

Check out the coolest smartphone app on the market, Broken Screen Live Wallpaper! You will have tons of fun with cracked screen background images that look like your phone screen is really broken. Pull pranks on your friends and watch how they lose their minds when they see a broken display of your expensive phone! Laugh out loud when you see their reactions after they have realized it was just a prank. Become the coolest person among your friends and show everyone your crazy sense of humor. Download this funny background wallpaper app now and have fun with it completely free of charge!

– Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones
– Amazing HD broken screen pictures decorating your phone
– Social share button and more
– Incredible HD graphics with full support for home – screen switching and landscape mode
– Motion of light and flashes changes with time
– There are several fantastic cracked screen background themes waiting for you!

– Broken Screen Live Background fits perfectly on both tablet devices and smartphones and it fully supports horizontal orientation
– This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and it will sleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drain your battery
– Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices
– Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!

This is the newest hilarious app for smartphones that will make your phone screen look cracked. You can use this funny app to perform pranks in every possible situation. Laughter is healthy for you, and with these comical Broken Screen Live Wallpaper, you will have tons of fun so use them as stress relief daily! Become the coolest and the funniest person around with your new cracked screen effects on your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy! These amazing HD background pictures of broken display will amuse you, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing and you’ll never get enough of them! Make a change in your life, and start out with the craziest cracked display effects for your mobile phone! They will cheer you up every time you fool someone that your smartphone screen is broken!
You can choose from an extensive selection of various cracked display background images from this Broken Screen Live Wallpaper which will make you burst out laughing! Everyone around you will LOL every time someone take a look at your mobile phone.

Get this cool cracking glass background app right now and shock your friends whit noise of broken display! This scary prank is extremely popular and that’s exactly what the new Broken Screen live Wallpaper offers you! It’s now available for free download, so don’t hesitate, get crack screen wallpaper HD images right now and have tons of fun daily!
Funny cracked screen live wallpaper is an amusing and cool way to show your exceptional sense of humor every day! You can create funny situations and ludicrous jokes with your friends, teachers and parents with this broken glass HD pictures. You won’t be able to control your laughter when they freak out about your cracked phone screen! Laugh out loud every day with hilarious and free broken glass images for cell phones. You will be the coolest person around if you download this Broken Screen Live Wallpaper now, completely free of charge!

Show your sense of humor wherever you are, every time someone glance at your smartphone! It will make you smile, laugh with unbelievably realistic HD animations.

Do you like to pull pranks on your friends? If you do, ”Broken Glass Live Wallpaper” is the right mobile app for you! Set a ”cracked screen” background on your phone and have fun! Make jokes and amuse yourself and others with this broken glass prank! All your friends and family will be shocked when they see the broken display of your Android ™ phone! When they realize that it was a trick, their reaction will be priceless! Get the ”free download” and let these funny pictures bring laughter into your life!

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